What To Expect

We want your experience at Bethel to be excellent.

It might be a bit intimidating the first time so we aim to make it as simple and
enjoyable as possible. Once you enter Bethel you will be greeted and shown
where all the amenities are, including free coffee and snack bar.

If you have an infant or toddler and would like our trained workers to watch
them then you can check them in before going into the service.

That’s it! We’ll help you find a seat if necessary and then sit back, meet some
wonderful people, and listen to a message from Scripture that is relevant and
applicable to your life today!

BTW… We are informal and relaxed because we believe God is more
interested in our hearts than what we wear. We are contemporary and believe
that worship is a celebration and not a funeral. We sing, clap our hands, laugh
and enjoy God. We pray and listen to practical messages from the Bible that
help us learn about God and the life he wants us to live.

Bethel just may be the church you have been looking for and we invite you to
come and worship with us.