February 1st

Parent Talk - Written by Pastor Dan

Parents face many obstacles and challenges in raising their kids for God. There are daily pressures from the secular world, which attempt to infiltrate a child’s worldview. Parents will undoubtedly face spiritual opposition from Satan and the cosmic powers over this present darkness (Ephesians 6:12). Satan is against the family because family was God’s chosen instrument to bring His Son into the world (Genesis 3:15) and is the instrument by which He brings people into the world who will become His adopted children (Ephesians 1:5). Finally, all parents must struggle against their own sin nature. Even those who have been forgiven through Christ must daily wage war against the flesh (Romans 8:13). This battle certainly has affects on our ability to raise kids for God.
These challenges can leave any parent feeling overwhelmed and unqualified for the task. Thankfully, God has not left us to fight this battle on our own. In the Bible, He has given us principles and commands that apply to raising kids. He has given us a playbook. Think about a sports team. In order to be a useful player, you have to know the playbook. Your value to the team increases the more you understand the strategy. Therefore, as parents part of God’s “team”, we need to know the playbook - The Bible! However, an understanding of the playbook alone is incomplete. What if the players on a sports team knew the plays, but they never came together to talk about them or practice them? The team would not be able to complete its mission of winning games, because they would not be united. Therefore, just like any team, the Church should meet together to talk about the playbook in order to complete its mission of making disciples of our kids!
That is where Parent Talk comes in. Parent Talk is a night of fellowship, conversation, and learning for the purpose of helping parents to raise their kids for God. We pray that God will not only use it to help parents to raise their own children but through this event the church in our area would become a more efficient team, all on board to see God do an amazing work in the next generation. Parent Talk will feature guest speaker Kim Perkins from Heartbeat of Ottawa County. In the main session, she will focus on taking up the armor of God to do battle for your kids and not with your kids. There will also be three breakout sessions offered with topics designed for different age groups. Whatever the age of your children, we want this to be a beneficial night for you.
The ultimate goal for any parent is to see God’s work of salvation applied to their child when they receive Christ and become a child of God (John 1:12). Therefore, we must parent in a way that our kids will see Christ as the great treasure that He is (Matthew 13:45-46) able to supply them with living water (John 4:10) and abundant life (John 10:10). We are praying that God will use Parent Talk in this way!
-Pastor Dan
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January 4th

As we remember and reflect upon 2017, assuredly many great memories flood our mind. Moments that stand out to us and will stay with us for quite some time. Accomplishments that we are glad that we were able to finish. Events we were able to share with friends/family that are a joy to remember. There may be other moments or seasons from 2017 that are a blur. They are filled with activities, but they weren’t very meaningful because they were amidst various other activities. Our schedules filled up too quickly. We felt, at times, maybe more than we would like to admit, overwhelmed. In short, we felt like our life was chaotic, crazy and out of control.

When our lives are in that condition, then there are negative results that impact us and those around us. We are short with those we love the most. Maybe at work we feel overworked and under appreciated so then we cut corners, cut people off or do something else that jeopardizes our relationships with our colleagues. With our finances, we may feel overspent and don’t see any hope for the future. In regards to our relationships, we may have many friends and acquaintances, but no one that is significantly involved in our lives. Perhaps, we feel like we are just overcommitted in life. The reality is our lives are anything but simple, they're exhausting.

In fact, Bill Hybels, author of Simplify, writes “I hear the same words repeated over and over: exhausted, overwhelmed, over scheduled, anxious, isolated, dissatisfied. It’s a bipartisan issue—young and old, rich and poor, professionals and parents, women and men, Republicans and Democrats. And it’s a global issue—I’ve heard these words in English and in countless foreign languages.” So, it’s true, most people would love to move away from feeling overwhelmed and move towards a simple and meaningful life.

We are diving into this topic in the months of January and February. Join in as we look to what Scripture says about our schedules, work, relationships, finances, anxiety and more as we learn how to unclutter our soul and simplify. Imagine what life would be like if the relationships you have are significant, your finances are freeing rather than a trap, your work is meaningful and enjoyable, and your calendar was less full of events, but meaningful items that are significant. None of this will happen overnight, but if we took a few steps in the right direction I am sure that you would agree that life would be better.

Our LIFE Groups will be studying the same topic as well. They will start the week of January 14 and will dive deeper into the topic that we looked at the Sunday before. Sign-ups for LIFE Groups starts soon. See the LIFE Group schedule and training options on the next page. Make sure you plan to join a group to dive deeper into a simplified life.
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January 2nd

This Sunday we start Simplify!

Life can be chaotic, crazy and out of control. Our schedules fill up quickly. We feel overwhelmed. We’re short with those that we love the most. Our lives are anything but simple, they're exhausting.

Join in as we look to what Scripture says about our schedules, work, relationships, finances, anxiety and more as we learn how to uncluttered our soul and simplify.
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