July 10th

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May 8th

We’ve been looking at questions we ask on Sunday mornings. Questions that we have addressed thus far include: Why do bad things happen to good people? Why is there so much evil in the world? If God knows everything, then why pray? We will finish the series this month by looking at the following questions: Can I lose my salvation? What about end times? Does the Bible contradict itself?

These are wonderful questions and are healthy to ask. I don’t think that God is bothered when we ask with the right heart. If we ask with a spirit that is unwilling to grow or learn from these questions, then we have missed the boat. But, I wonder, what questions would God ask us? What questions would be posed to us based on our behavior and beliefs. He might ask…

WHERE ARE YOU? In Genesis 3:9 God actually asks this question of Adam and Eve after they ate from the forbidden tree. After they ate and heard the Lord’s footsteps in the garden they immediately hid and God seeks them out. While He knew where they were, another question was why are you hiding? What caused you to slip away when you heard my steps? Today, He might be posing similar questions to you and I. Why are you avoiding me in this area of your life? What keeps you from surrendering your whole self to me?

WHAT IS THIS YOU HAVE DONE? After they connected in the garden God easily knew that something wasn’t right, and in Genesis 3:13 he essentially asks, what is this you have done? He might have been thinking… I gave you this amazing garden with an abundance of fruit and chose to eat from the one tree you weren’t supposed to… Why? He gives us so many wonderful opportunities to help others and make a difference in our own life as well, but then sometimes we chose the opposite path. He may glance our way and lovingly say… Help me understand why. I don’t get it.

WHY ARE YOU ANGRY? While the first two questions address our sin nature and bent to choose what is contrary to His Word. This one, changes a little bit. It is asked of Cain in Genesis 4:6 before he kills his brother, Abel. It shows that God truly cares about our situation that we might be in. We follow a God that truly cares!

WHY ARE YOU SO DOWNCAST? He asks this question to Cain as well, but then it is repeated several places in the book of Psalms. It is a rhetorical question posed to himself as the Psalmist is sharing his heart with the Lord. He does this because He knows that God cares. Have your days recently been filled with more gloom than anticipation and excitement? If so, express your sadness to the Lord and allow Him to work in miraculous ways.

WHO DO YOU SAY I AM? Jesus takes his disciples on a fairly long journey towards the northern border of Israel to Caesarea Philippi. He takes them there to ask them a specific question. A question given the context of where they are helps us understand the context. At this beautiful place people brought their gods and placed them in a niche and worship them there. On any given day you would have been able to see many different gods worshiped. So, Jesus asks then and now… Who do you say I am?

WHY DON'T YOU TRUST? Mark 5 tells the story of a religious leader coming to Jesus for help because his daughter is very sick. Jesus agreed to go with him to look at his daughter. While they are on the way a very sick women touches the hem of His garment and she is healed instantly. Jesus recognizes this and tries to identify her. Eventually, the high priest’s servants come and tell him that his daughter is now dead and to leave Jesus alone. But Jesus says… “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Perhaps He is wondering today why, after reading and experiencing how wonderful He is and how He protects and provides that we don’t trust Him more.

What question is God asking you?

-Pastor Tim
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May 6th

Salvation - What is it? Who's it for? When does it happen? Can I lose my salvation? Tomorrow we'll answer those questions and more! ... See MoreSee Less

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